Our specialty lies in landscaping. We’ve spent 15 years transforming yards all around New Braunfels and beyond. Trust us to handle yours as well. We can pull out your old bushes and shrubs to plant new, lush ones. Our team can also add paths and concrete fixtures to your space. Once we’re done, your yard will be a paradise of beautiful greenery and manicured bushes.


A popular new choice, xeriscaping is the process of landscaping with drought-tolerant plants. Xeriscaping eliminates the need for irrigation because it usually involves plants that don’t need much water, like succulents and cacti. These drought-resistant plants look beautiful all summer long, no matter how high the temperatures soar. If you’d like to keep your lawn beautiful without wasting water or installing sprinklers, then xeriscaping can be a good choice for you.


Stone or concrete paths all require some degree of masonry. If you’re thinking of adding your own path through your front or back yard, we can help. Our team can measure your ideal path, cut the stones, and bring them in. We can also pour new concrete slabs and even stamp them.


During the hot New Braunfels summers, it’s a chore to go out and pour mulch on your flowerbeds. We take that chore off your hands. Mulching is also vital to keep your plants and greenery thriving. We help preserve the health and visual appeal of your garden with our mulching services.

Sod Installation

With a sod installation job, your lawn can upgrade from patchy, brown grass to fresh and new greenery. We are happy to rip out your old grass and add in fresh sod. Over time, the sod will knit into your dirt and grow naturally, just like your old grass.

Sprinklers & Irrigation Systems

Ground Control Custom Landscaping & Irrigation holds a TCEQ certification authorizing us to work on all sprinkler & irrigation systems. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for sprinkler repairs or a large-scale agricultural operation with hundreds of pipes and watering systems, we can help. With winter on its way here, don’t forget to winterize your sprinkler system to avoid broken lines!  

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